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Hey Beautiful, I’m Natalie Garnica

Owner/Founder, Executive Coach

I’m a Soul Embodiment Coach, using the power of Spirituality, Messaging, and Styling to help women re-awaken their soul and fully embody their soul calling. I began my journey as a fashion stylist and live events production manager in Los Angeles. She is also the founder of Love-Rev leading people to create a love revolution through self-love. She believes that we cannot bring the world closer to love without first doing it for ourselves.

Whether you have an existing business, or you’ve an idea that you want to bring to life, there is a way to create a positive triple bottom-line company: profit-people-planet all winning. No longer are these areas mutually exclusive, you can have it all and do good at the same time!

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Become the Spiritual Leader you are called to be.

Get clear on your message, take action, and live in abundance

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Embody Your Soul Message

Learn the tools to create powerful branding and messaging to attract your ideal clients and grow your business, through the power of embodiment.

By combining spiritual modalities and marketing strategies, you will release your blocks, grow your confidence, and create the impact you are called to do.

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Embody Your Soul Message

Sol Power Coaching

In this 6 month program you will gain clarity, confidence, and energy, as you re-discover what makes you radiant and magnetic, like the Sun. You will align with your soul purpose, expand your possibilities, and create action steps to make your vision a reality.

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Sol Power Coaching

The Art of Listening

Learn to tap into your dvine wisdom to trust yourself and God, and begin to manifest your dream life.

Through deep listening and trust you will expand your possibilities and live in abundance.

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The Art of Listening

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