Generating The Life You Dream Trough Love, Healing, and Connection

Meet Natalie

Natalie Garnica is a creative, spiritual, business woman in service of a better world through self love. Growing up in Los Angeles, she was influenced by her Mexican culture, dancing, graffiti art, dramatic arts, and the melting pot of cultures found in the city. This created a sense of understanding for various lifestyles, music, and perspectives, which allows her to easily connect with all groups of people.

At a young age Natalie lost two friends to unexpected deaths, which began her journey in questioning “What is Love?”

Through various interviews with all types of experts, along with some deep work on her own life, the answer always came back to SELF LOVE. Simultaneously, she also searched for her purpose in life working various jobs as a fashion stylist, live event production manager, and online business assistant. The more she worked the more drained she felt and found that things don’t flow when you are not working towards your greater purpose or taking care of yourself.

The combination of Self Love with Self Care is the key to a thriving business, body, and soul. When we are fully connected with our message then we are able to show up as a leader.

Her mission is now to help others find their message, along with their unique style based on where they came from, to be able to build their tribe and grow their business.

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