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About Me

Hey Beautiful, I’m Natalie Garnica

I’m a Soul Embodiment Coach, using the power of Spirituality, Messaging, and Styling to help women re-awaken their soul and fully embody their soul calling. Beginning my journey as a fashion stylist and live events production manager in Los Angeles, I supported artists, celebrities, and creative business owners to take their visions and bring them to life. Each idea was an opportunity to create an experience, leaving the audience feeling fully immersed in the creation.

Now I support spiritual leaders and healers in living their life purpose thru clear messaging, unique branding, and both virtual and live events. Emphasizing full alignment with their soul, they get to grow their confidence, live in abundance, and make an impact with their divine gifts. This is where they now master the power of manifestation and begin to create a Love Revolution.

As the founder of Love-Rev, my mission is to lead people to create a love revolution through self-love. I believe that we cannot bring the world closer to love without first doing it for ourselves. I believe that the deepest form of self-love will only come when we get to know God. This is why I teach my clients how to create their own spiritual practice to love themselves and embody their divine purpose.

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Become the Spiritual Leader you are called to be.

Get clear on your message, take action, and live in abundance

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Embody Your Soul Message

In this 1-on-1, 6-month journey, you will discover your deep soul message and learn to embody it through powerful messaging, authentic expression, and aligned action.

By combining spiritual modalities and marketing strategies, you will release your blocks, grow your confidence, and create the impact you are called to do.

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Embody Your Soul Message

Healer’s Mission

In this 12 week program you'll unlock your soul purpose, align your enegy with your vision, and manifest a life of impact through your gifts.
You'll end up buidling deeper relationships, have more time and energy, and feel confident in who you are.

We will be using art, movement, and ancestral guidance to create the breakthroughs for you to be the powerful healer you are called to be.

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Healer's Mission

Soul Voice Power

Do you struggle with creating a cohesive messaging or brand that connects with other people? Do you struggle with expressing yourself clearly through speaking or writing?

If any of this sounds like you then it's time to discover your Soul's Voice!

In this 3 month program we will be digging deep into who you are and how to powerfly express it in a way that will build connection, commuities, and wealth.

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Soul Voice Power

Style with Purpose

Learn to embody your soul through fashion!

What you wear will change your energy and how you present yourself.

We will create a unique style guide based on who you are and how your soul wants to be expressed.

If you struggle with feeling powerful, confident or beautiful, OR want to align how you look with your soul, then it's time to look at your Soul's Style.

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Style with Purpose

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